Xcode installation on Mac OS X

The purpose of this section is to guide you to install XCode in your development environment.

To install Xcode, you must have a valid Apple ID. You can get an Apple ID from https://developer.apple.com

Go to the Apple Developer Download Web Site : https://developer.apple.com/download.

The Download link will open the App Store APP on Xcode:

Download and install on your Mac by clicking on the Install button.

Install Command Line Tools for Xcode

Install the Command Line Tools for Xcode from https://developer.apple.com/download/more/

Double click the downloaded package to start the installation:

Click on the Continue button and select all default installation steps until completion.

Install xcodeproj ruby gem

Install the xcodeproj ruby gem with the following command:

sudo gem install xcodeproj

Install CocoaPods

Install CocoaPods with the following command:

sudo gem install cocoapods



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