Convert the project folder into a package

By default Visual Studio Code will see any files in the folder as unrelated files.
To process your folder and any file within that folder as a project entity, Visual Studio Code needs specific information.

To do this, you need to transform your project folder into a package folder. From there you will be able to manage every dependencies in your project.
You will be able to download and reference into your project folder any third-party module you need to develop your App.

Go to the Terminal Window you have opened in the previous section and type the following commands:

npm init --yes

the pwd command will give you your current working directory. Be sure this current directory is your project's directory.

Have a look to the npm CLI init command :

What you get from this init command is new file called package.json created at the root of your project folder.

Go back to Visual Studio Code, the new package.json file has been dynamically loaded in the IDE.

Click on the package.json file, Visual Studio will open it in a separate window. It's content should look like :

Package.json content is fully described at

There are two entries within the Package.json that you must be aware of:

  • The scripts entry;
  • The main entry.

The main entry is the entry point of your package. The scripts entry is is a dictionary containing script commands that are run at various times in the lifecycle of your package.

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